Our Strategic Framework

Our Purpose

That QEGSMAT provides the best possible educational outcomes for all children and young people to develop and thrive, in an environment which supports students, staff and the community. 

Our Vision

The Trust’s vision is to Question, Explore, Give and Succeed – actions which drive us to provide consistent world-class education and care that enables every young person in our academies to enjoy learning and reach their full potential.   Each academy strives to achieve this through a supportive and robust academy improvement programme.  Each academy shares this vision and has its own set of values to help realise it in their own context. 

Our Goals

To achieve our purpose and vision, our goals are:

To offer a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, which enables all our young people to achieve the very best outcomes and leave education well prepared for the next steps in their lives. 

To deliver high quality teaching, learning and assessment and effective leadership at all levels. 

To develop the culture and individuality of our academies, building a strong community in and around us. 

To offer a rewarding and stimulating workplace for staff. 

To provide a strong, safe and financially sustainable environment

Our Values


Our Young People


Questions who they are and who they want to be;
Questions, then listens to the response;
Questions their actions and their understanding .


Explores every opportunity and new way to do things;
Explores others’ values, beliefs and the world around them.


Gives 100% every time;
Gives equal respect to all and finds time to help others.


Succeeds as part of a team;
Succeeds in everything they do – even if at first they fail;
Succeeds with good spirit and humility.

Our Staff


Questions to check that every child and young person is learning.


Explores strategies to engage and challenge children and young people to stimulate their curiosity.


Gives children and young people time to apply and consolidate learning and act on feedback.


Succeeds in ensuring that all children and young people know how to make progress and fulfil their potential.

Our Schools


Questions to ensure that children and young people are at the heart of everything they do.


Explores strategies to engage and challenge children and young people to stimulate their curiosity, facilitate their learning and improve the outcomes and experiences of all within their organisation; Explores new and innovative ways to educate, learn and develop staff within the world of education.


Gives children and young people a safe environment in which to learn and develop; Gives staff real opportunities to develop as professionals within the education sector; allowing them time and space to flourish as individuals; To share expertise and work effectively as part of a wider team.


Succeeds in ensuring that all children and young people leave their organisation with the skills, knowledge and expertise to make a true contribution to the changing world in which we live; Succeeds in valuing all members of their community to enable all to have that true sense of self-worth.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Achieving our goals and methods of monitoring & evaluation

Our Curriculum

  1. Offering a high quality curriculum, with clear, aspirational pathways, which meets the needs of all students and locality, with Question, Explore, Give, Succeed at its heart.
  2. Having a high value placed on character education, where appropriate Christian values, RE, British values, PHSE.
  3. Progression and attainment measures consistently improving.
  4. Close monitoring of student absence levels; all to be above national averages and rising.
  5. An effective Pupil Premium strategy in place and closely monitored.
  6. Valuing extra-curricular activities and the opportunities they provide to develop our young people.
  7. A high quality careers/employability programme across the school.
  8. The destinations of students being closely tracked.

Our Teaching & Learning

  1. Having the highest expectations of all in our community; leaders leading by example to create a culture of respect and acceptance.
  2. Leaders have a sharp understanding of the quality of education in our schools, and being able to plan, monitor and refine actions to bring about further improvements.
  3. Our teachers having secure subject knowledge; they plan carefully so that lessons are engaging and challenging.
  4. Giving effective feedback.
  5. Our school’s assessment frameworks being robust, and providing accurate and timely information.

Our Culture

  1. Ensuring Local Governing bodies play a key role in supporting our schools, offering support and challenge.
  2. Enabling schools specific reward and celebration systems and maintaining a clear behaviour policy.
  3. Enhancing parental engagement.
  4. Developing strategic community links.
  5. Being highly aware of safeguarding issues.
  6. Adhering to the PREVENT agenda.

Our Workplace

  1. Ensuring our staff are supported through a rewarding and stimulating workplace.
  2. Embedding a ‘grow your own’ ethos for developing talent, including the recruitment of apprentices.
  3. Developing a positive appraisal process and support with CPD to generate best practice across the Trust.
  4. Instigating employee benefits for staff including annual leave, occupational sick pay, employer pension contributions, car parking, internal and external training, salary sacrifice schemes, staff voice and well-being forums and staff buddy schemes.

Our Environment

  1. Balancing the budget.
  2. Ensuring effective governance and financial oversight.
  3. Applying the QEGSMAT strategy for growth.
  4. Optimising curriculum costs.
  5. Obtaining economies of scale.
  6. Managing risk.
  7. Overseeing fraud prevention and anti-corruption measures are in place.
  8. Developing new revenue streams from areas including sports facilities.
  9. School continuity.