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Clare Peat

Over the last 22 years of Primary teaching and 15 years of School Leadership I have always held strong to my views and passion for wanting the highest possible experiences and achievement for children of all ages. I believe creating a depth of understanding and enabling creativity inspires children to be learners for life. There is no greater job in the world than the one that lights up the eyes of a child or fires their imagination to be whatever they want to be and believe they can and will succeed. I believe hard work, determination, high self-esteem and a warm, supportive environment ensures all meet their potential.

Working across Primary schools from small to large federations, I have always felt passionate that I wanted to change the lives of children.

In 2013 I became the Headteacher of Castle View Primary School in Matlock. The school at that point was a school facing difficulties and was placed in Special Measures as a result. With a supportive team, governing body, community and clear actions I brought about rapid improvements across the school and in March 2015 the school was judged to be good for Leadership and Management and it was noted that ‘The headteacher provides inspirational leadership. She has established a culture of high expectations.’

One of the most significant changes has been on raising aspirations, expectations and focussing on developing the highly effective team that exists today.

I firmly believe that we are only stronger when we work together and this stems from the support children and staff give to one another, the immediate school community and from the links I have made with Teaching School Alliances, accredited training providers and regional bodies. These have ensured there is a highly skilled team across the whole school, who drive school improvement with the support of myself and the governing body.

Castle View is an amazing school that we are all very proud of.