Strategic Plan

The QEGSMAT aims for all academies to be outstanding. This means outstanding outcomes for all young people; innovative, enthusiastic, well-trained staff that provide high-quality teaching, learning and assessment experiences every day, and pupils/students that leave education well-prepared for the next step of their lives.

The QEGSMAT aims to contribute positively to the self-improving school-led system in education across this locality. We are committed to adding real value to the community, helping it become even more effective in order to achieve the very best for all young people. We believe in true collaboration; working in partnership, investing in people and building capacity for long term, sustainable success.

Our academies/schools will need to respond to the challenge of creating this landscape.

‘Articulating and making our vision real’

Our strategic action plan is ambitious and exciting; it reflects our locality and the needs of our young people. The country’s education system is in a state of fundamental change as we move to a self-improving system that reduces central government control in favour of a school-led system. This provides a great opportunity for all of our academies/schools to take the lead and create a system that our young people deserve.

Bold and dynamic leadership, at all levels, is fundamental to help transform our local education system. We need to develop and own this new system together and take risks to ensure all our learners, regardless of their starting point or background, have their needs met and thrive in the communities that we create. As a high performing and ambitious MAT, we need to take the lead and create an even higher performing group of academies/schools.

Our challenge is to continue our journey in improving systems so that all the academies within the QEGSMAT are ‘outstanding’, not only in terms of their Ofsted judgement, but also in the eyes of our learners, staff, and local and wider community.

For the next four years, the QEGSMAT will focus on a range of priorities; centrally, there will be 3 main areas of focus:

The Central Team

The role of the ‘Central Team’ is to be clearly defined; this includes back office functions, as well as delivery support (curriculum, teaching & learning, CPD), and capacity for intervention and/or growth. The team at the centre may also use the existing expertise in individual academies in the QEGSMAT to develop optimum school to school support. The QEGSMAT to have a clear funding strategy, and to identify demand and develop the Central Team accordingly.

Strategy for Growth

The QEGSMAT to have a defined strategy for growth, understanding the need to build capacity in advance of new academies joining, and preparing for the challenges of different types of academies joining the MAT (start-up, sponsored, converters in both phases). The QEGSMAT to have a clear understanding of the impact that different types of academy joining will have on its overall leadership and governance. The QEGSMAT to have a plan for optimum geographical coverage and to be prepared to say “no” where relevant.


The QEGSMAT to be fully cognisant of the importance of communicating its core vision, using all forms of media, and to develop a strong brand which is used consistently. The QEGSMAT to develop both proactive and reactive systems for marketing, PR, and media handling, and to be able to influence key stakeholders.

As a group of academies/schools, for the next four years, we will concentrate on 6 key areas:

Vision & Values

The QEGSMAT to have a clear and compelling vision for the future. All stakeholders to be clear about, and be able to articulate, the moral purpose of the QEGSMAT, its mission and its values. All stakeholders to share an understanding of what it means to be part of the QEGSMAT, including those elements that are non-negotiable.


Achievement in the QEGSMAT schools/academies will build on the previous personal best, with year on year improved progress and outcomes for pupils/students of all abilities.

Quality Assurance & Data

The QEGSMAT to have available a wide range of both qualitative and quantitative data to develop clear methods of assessment, both of individual academies and of the QEGSMAT as a whole. The QEGSMAT to have robust peer review systems, ensuring that risks are effectively and swiftly managed, and intervening where performance levels drop below expected standards. the QEGSMAT schools/academies will build on the previous personal best, with year on year improved progress and outcomes for pupils/students of all abilities.

Financial Strategy & Control

The QEGSMAT to have transparent and clear systems for ensuring financial probity, having access to accurate and timely management information to ensure effective budgeting. The QEGSMAT to make efficient use of economies of scale, achieving best value for top-sliced funds, and to pursue alternative revenue streams to benefit the QEGSMAT as a whole (eg: providing services beyond the QEGSMAT itself). A sustainable educational & business plan will be in place that supports the academies/schools to meet their core objective of delivering outstanding education for every child.


The QEGSMAT to have a scheme of delegation which clearly defines responsibilities of the various levels of governance (Members, Trustees, Local Governing Body). All members of governances at all levels to be clear about their responsibilities, and to have access to relevant training and information to support their defined roles. Leadership and governance across the Trust will be outstanding and succession planning effective in securing leaders of a high calibre across QEGSMAT.

Workforce Strategy

Recruitment, training and development of the workforce of leaders, support staff and administrators will result in an outstanding provision to all of our pupils/students. The QEGSMAT to have in place a workforce strategy that seeks to recruit, retain & develop all staff at all levels, promoting from within wherever possible and being able to deploy staff to where they are most needed. The QEGSMAT to provide high-quality, appropriately accredited training and development opportunities, and career support. Key roles throughout the QEGSMAT to have succession plans in place.

Download the QEGSMAT Strategic Action Plan April 2017