Educational Improvement

Educational Improvement is at the heart of this Trust. To improve the life chances of all. We personally know all of our academies/schools, their unique culture, expectations, challenges and also share & celebrate their successes.

The Central Team and our Headteachers shape the direction of QEGSMAT. The Annual Development Plan and Self Evaluation reflect this. These drivers are key elements of the four-year strategic plan, shared with all stakeholders and underpinned by our values as a Trust.

Our Directors of Education work closely with each academy/school to identify the key improvement priorities in each organisation. The school improvement calendar supports this process. At an academy/school level the improvement plans are shared with stakeholders and are reviewed with the Trust and Local Governing Bodies throughout the year. There is rigorous and robust levels of accountability at all levels. Where issues are identified swift interventions and support are put in place including short-term focused action plans.

The School Improvement Plan summaries are visible on each organisation’s website.

Our ambition for QEGSMAT is to increase the number of Specialist Leaders, National Leaders, partnerships & external organisations to grow our own teams; to deliver high quality school improvement and to be able to have the very best professional development opportunities for all our staff. We will continue to quality assure our work through the engagement of highly qualified and experienced external consultants. These will report to both the individual academy/school and to the Trust.

Our aim is for all pupils and students to experience the very best education possible.

QEGSMAT Educational Improvement Model