Clare Peat

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Clare Peat
Primary Director of Education

Over the last 25 years of Primary teaching and 18 years of School Leadership I have always held strong to my belief and passion for wanting the highest possible experiences and education for children of all ages.

As Primary Director of Education, I am fortunate to be able to work and support across a diverse range of schools, with pupils from the age of 2 to 11.   I firmly believe that we are only stronger when we work together and this stems from the support children and staff give to one another, the school community, and the support gained from other professionals.  My role involves supporting with all aspects of school improvement; curriculum planning, quality assuring teaching and learning, budget planning, staffing structures and offering bespoke professional development to each school.

My work is focussed on creating highly skilled and motivated teams across the schools, who drive school improvement with the support of myself, the governing body and central team.