Vicky Hall

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Vicky Hall
Director of Education

Over the last 19 years of teaching, 12 of which have been in senior leadership positions, I have demonstrated a passion for ensuring excellent educational provision for all students, with a value set which strives for this regardless of socio-economic context. I have worked across a range of settings, from outstanding secondary schools to Pupil Referral Units; from teacher through to Headteacher. As a science specialist I enjoy inspiring young people to be the next generation of scientists and engineers, nurses and veterinary surgeons. As a member of the Central Team of QEGSMAT I am excited to continue to see young people be inspired across the Trust to become intelligent, educated, compassionate adults.

I have extensive experience leading and improving teaching and learning, quality assurance and CPD. For the past 10 years I have also been the Designated Safeguarding Lead, possessing a comprehensive understanding of safeguarding of both pupils and staff. Within my role at QEGSMAT I am the Trust Designated Safeguarding Lead.

The Director of Education role enables me to work collaboratively with Headteachers, the Central Team, school leadership teams and teaching staff to continue driving up standards of teaching and learning; as well as supporting and leading quality assurance; facilitating and designing personalised professional training; and developing leadership at all levels, which was the focus of my Masters in Education.

As an alumni of QEGS and having completed my teacher training placement at the predecessor to CoDA, I am very proud and humbled to be returning to become an integral part of the central team, and work closely with all staff and schools within our Trust.